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September 22, 2021 Theodore Leaf Season 2 Episode 8
Canyon Home
The Pivot
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Season 2 Episode 8 | The Pivot 

Welcome to the Canyon Home Podcast, our host Theodore Leaf guides us to become the best homemakers we can be through tips on everything food, home, life, and style. 

“No growth comes within your comfort zone” 

“I had to know more, I had to be worth it”

In Season 2 Episode 8 of the Canyon Home Podcast, Theodore shares how his successful career as a celebrity hair stylist changed almost instantly. Theodore shares his experience transitioning from the glamour of the beauty industry to the hustle and bustle of culinary school. Theodore also shares intimate, real details of why he and his husband moved to New York, and what really motivated him to pursue a completely new career in the food and entertaining industry.

Our theme song is Friendly Fire by the incredible Brian Buckley Band:  

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