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The Resistance

August 20, 2021 Theodore Leaf Season 2 Episode 3
Canyon Home
The Resistance
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Canyon Home Podcast 

Season 2 Episode 3 | The Resistance 

Welcome to the Canyon Home Podcast, our host Theodore Leaf guides us to become the best homemakers we can be through tips on everything food, home, life, and style. 

“I think a little piece of me died...” 

“what... are we... in such... a hurry... from?”

“The one gift that you can give that you basically can’t buy is your time… it’s the gift you can’t get back.” 

In Season 2 Episode 3, Theodore shares his experience of “the resistance.”

He shares anecdotes of “the resistance” that he experiences everyday. From paper plate adds to guests saying “oh don’t bother, its just us.” He explains how he can be defeated every time he hears “why bother”, “It’s just us” “paper is fine.” Theodore also questions why people rush, and wonders where the extra time goes that rushed people are saving.  Theodore shares his inspiration for this episode, intimate experiences, and the emotional toll “the resistance” takes from us all. Theodore also answers a question from the Homemaker Hotline. (312) 465-HOME (312-465-4663)

Share the “resistance” that you face everyday, leave a voicemail on the Homemaker Hotline. (312) 465-HOME (312-465-4663).

Thank you Abigale from North Carolina for calling the Homemaker Hotline! 

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