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Make Your Home Work For You

July 14, 2020 Theodore Leaf Season 1 Episode 7
Canyon Home
Make Your Home Work For You
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Canyon Home Podcast

Season 1 Episode 7 | Make Your Home Work For You 

Welcome to the Canyon Home Podcast, our host Theodore Leaf guides us to become the best homemakers we can be through tips on everything food, home, life, and style.

“I find that, you know,  I have guests infrequently, so probably 90% of the time I don’t have overnight guests.”

“You’re not running an Inn” 

In the seventh episode of the Canyon Home Podcast, Theodore shares his insight on making your home work for you and not for a once in a blue moon overnight guest. Theodore mentions how home television programs influence people to set aside space for guests, yet Theodore thinks that above all your space is yours, and it shouldn’t be prioritized for an occasional guest. Theodore also shares how he uses his space in many different ways from a guest room, office, laundry room, and more. There is no have-to. 

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