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How Can We Feel Better At Home?

May 19, 2020 Theodore Leaf Season 1 Episode 2
Canyon Home
How Can We Feel Better At Home?
Show Notes

Season 1 Episode 2 | How Can We Feel Better At Home? 

Welcome to the Canyon Home Podcast, our host Theodore Leaf guides us to become the best homemakers we can be through tips on everything food, home, life, and style.

“I just have a glimmer of it, just to soften the edges.” 

In the second episode of the Canyon Home Podcast Theodore highlights the things he loves in his home, Gingham Cottage. From ceiling fan remotes to the jazz he plays in the morning, Theodore shares his essentials for the perfect hotel experience at home. Theodore also gives insight to make your morning routine as smooth as possible, whether it’s warm and cozy slippers or earbuds to calm a partner’s morning social media quarrels. Theodore elaborates on his vendetta against clutter and how it ruins any and every mood within his home. 

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